Appropriate Emoji Responses During Church

Appropriate Emoji Responses During Church

By Shane Pruitt

An emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea and/or emotion. The name originated in Japan in the 1990s. (Yes, I actually took time to read about the history of the emoji).

I can still hear my pastor’s voice, who is now with Jesus, in my subconscious saying, “Times are a chang’in Pruitt!” Yes, they are. I also remember as people would open their Bibles during the sermon time, he would say, “The rustling of Bible pages warms my soul.” But, times are a chang’in, indeed! As I preach in front of many young adults, I know have to say, “The soft glow from smartphones, tablets, and iWatches upon the face of the crowd warms my soul!” 

While our churches are going digital, you can’t have digital without theses little cartoon folks tagging along. Yes, the emoji! What’s great about the emoji is they can represent the emotional responses we all have as we gather together as believers.

Here are some appropriate emoji responses during church:

When the Worship Pastor Wears Skinny Jeans:



When the Welcome and Greeting Time Comes During Flu Season:



When Your Kids Made You Late, and Now The Coffee Bar is Out of Donuts:



When you Realize the Pastor is About to Call on You to Pray Publically:


When the Pastor Delivers their Favorite “Preacher Joke”, and Laughs Louder Than Anyone Else:



The Face of The Overly-Nice-Huggy-Person at Church:



Your Face When the Overly-Nice-Huggy-Person Spots You in the Hallway at Church:



When the Preacher says, “In closing” for the Fifth Time:



When the Person You’ve Been Praying For Surrenders to Jesus as Lord & Savior:



When You’re Reminded that We Gather Together to Worship the Risen Jesus:



(Feel free to add more appropriate emoji responses during church in the Comments section below.)

Shane Pruitt

Jesus follower, Husband, Father, Speaker, Writer

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